Quality  - an exciting infinite process




The strategic vision and mission of our company is to achieve our solid position on the Swiss market. The aim is to have satisfied customer who repeatedly applies for our services. Environmental protection in the production process and business, regardless of their complexity is also our priority. Under all circumstances, we are trying to do everything to ensure stable service, thereby ensuring long-term prosperity, not only for the company Eurotron component, but also for our customers.

The company is profiled since its establishment oriented on the customer. It works on the basis of a qualified partnership, utilizing synergistic effect of cooperation at the professional level. Employees are aware that the efficient use of infrastructure and professional work culture, protects the environment. Observance of safety and health at work is crucial to the working environment and culture. It has a major impact on labor productivity. Proof of this is the integration of international standards ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 for environmental protection and protection of health of workers.

Our company constantly tries to maintain an environment and services that lead to employees to take initiative, professional conduct, which is based on the ability to empathize and understand human relationships, which also affect the final activity. Management and all employees are responsible for the high level of quality in their sector of activity and for the implementation of quality policy in all aspects of society.


Our goal is always achieve the Swiss Quality.

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