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BINARY INPUT 8 fold, flush mounted


 Art. 1630.03160/62100



KNX-Modul 8 Binary inputs from Datec Electronic has also 8 outputs for  LED-Status. Digital inputs can be used as inputs from temperature sensors (7x) or as input from some switcher (window contacts, etc.).




Binary Input 8x / 8x output status-LEDs is concealed device which can be used in offices, hotel rooms, apartments and so on.

The device has 8 potential free output contacts for controling lights, switches or or other devices.

7 potential free input contacts can be used for temperature sensors to meassure temperatures in different places (local temp., outer temperature, ...).

The device has also 8 Status-LEDs. Each LED displaies the status of the corresponding output.




         Datasheet V29-14E

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