Company history

Eurotron component, Ltd. Founded in 2003, we gradually expand our services to other areas and constantly improve their quality: logistics, manufacturing, quality system. Today we are among the modern company dealing primarily assembly of printed circuit boards.


  • company foundation
  • Establishment Eurotron component, Ltd.
  • Expansion of production facilities
  • beginning of cooperation in the production of power cord
  • THT and SMT production was realized in cooperation
  • Instalation of semi-automatic assemblig tables Jordan to THT production
  • SMD production realized in cooperation
  • instalation of new testing devices and technologie
  • further enlarging of company
  • instalation of SMT assembling automat and reflow oven Fy.Essemtec
  • purchase and recostruction of the new company building
  • installation of the production in the new building in April (floor space in the building  740 m², of which production 302m²), this ensured the independence of the production areas
  • in June we have installed ROHS process in production - we have started fully Pb-free production
  • we have started fully independent purchase of material by our company 
  • enlarging of the production for another Switzerland companies
  • purchasing of another test equipment and small technology for production
  • installation of the new SMT automat JUKI 2080,  AOI Tester Marantz a solder wave machine Atmosferica W400
  • Certification according ISO 9001, which so far has demonstrated a our qualitative increase
  • started working with a new big Swiss partner - production processing arrangements
  • purchasing of the another solder wave machine Atmosferica W400 for production of products for medical industry
  • purchasing and installation of the electrical tester fy. Reinhardt for the implementation of ICT and FT tests
  • another improvement of the quality
  • transposition of THT production of partner company from Switzerland to our company
  • lease of additional production facilities covering an area of 1,560 square meters in the vicinity of our building
  • commissioning process lines from the partner Switzerland company for THT production
  • Importing other production technologies from partner Switzerland company
  • purchase of selective soldering machine ERSA - Versaflow, further testing machine from Reinhardt
  • purchase and installation of KARDEX high capacity store automat
  • installation of a new device for the production of compressed air
  • introduction and demonstration of the Integrated System for Quality Management and production process according to EN ISO 9001: 2008, EN ISO 14001: 2004, OH SAS 18001: 2007.
  • transformcion of Eurotron component,Ltd to Eurotron component, action group
  • completion of modern high quality SMD Line
  • purchase of another SMD Assembling automat JUKI 2070, new pasta printing machine of the highest quality ERSA Versaprint S1, Reflow oven Ersa Hot Flow and automatic handlers
  • building of a separate quality department
  • recertification of management system EN ISO 9001 : 2008, EN ISO 14001:2004, OH SAS 18001 : 2007
  • cooperation with another Switzerland companies
  • purchase of new high-end 3D AOI Tester KohYoung Zenith Lite
  • enlarging of the production for another Switzerland companies
  • Company merger : Eurotron component, a.s. withcompany URSIN, a.s.
  • Our newly obtained certificates in the field of production:

               Quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015

               Enviromanagementsystem in accordance with EN ISO 14001:2015

               Automotive managament system: ISO/TS 16949:2009

  • Purchase of new Conformal Coating System TTnS model: TCM45A 


  • We obtain certificate for production of Medical devices

  • Technology modernisation by purchasing of:

  • AirCompresor A CS 11 H with accesories
  • Digital Microscop VISSION with LED lights
  • Semiautomatic coating system - DPS Project MOOG
  • Drying owen SAHARA to dry prints and components before assembling - 400l volume
  • Dry Cabinet to store components in dry atmosfer


  • Cooperation with new customers: MOOG Unna GmbH, SODIMAS and above all


  • production enlarging , new employers

  • Modernisation of THT component assembling by purchasing 6pc of new Assembling tables from German company: Mycronic GmbH, typ: K-998-0800
  • Purchasing of new production machines:

    Laser selective soldering system  SEICA-SW-006

    Automatic laser marking system – ASSYS: SYS ALS 03


  • Reconstruction of new production spacies cca 650m2


  • Reconstruction of company canteen

  • New obtained certificate for production of medical devices

  • Through the European Structural and Investment Funds - OP Integrated Infrastructure 2014 - 2020, we purchased new production equipment in order to innovate the production process:

                 Print depanelization automat, producer: YJ LINK Co., Ltd, -typ: ERM-300Y


                 New SMT Automatic assembling line: 

                                        SMT Assembling automat  HANWHA, typ: SM481 PLUS

                                        Solder paste printer ESE UX-7000X

                                        Reflow owen HELLER MK5+CBS 


  • Modernization and reconstruction of quality office – ESD enviroment

  • Modernization of rest area for workers in M1 Production Hall

  • Recertification of Integrated Quality Managament system - valid till 2023

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