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KNX DALI ACTUATOR, 1x8 outputs


Art. Nr. 1630.04140/70100     (Europe)

Art. Nr. 119914 14783 003A     (Asia)



KNX / DALI actuator 1x8 channel is used to control and monitor up to

8 independent DALI ballasts in offices, hotel rooms, ...

Due to its decentralized body, KNX / DALI Actor can be

installed near lighting (eg in hollow ceilings)

and thus allows easy electrical installation.

The power supply is integrated in the device and therefore does not need a network connection and power is provided via the KNX bus.

Physical control and addressing is possible directly from the keyboard on the device.

Each connected lamp can also be manually controled by the buttons on

KNX / DALI body.

Missing ballasts, broken light bulbs, ...

are displayed directly on the KNX / DALI panel.

This is particularly useful for installing the equipment when it is possible to check the functionality of the device and proper installation without programming via the KNX application.

It is sufficient to power via KNX bus. Of course, everything can be tested and programmed via KNX bus too.

Through other communication objects you can create your own

DALI telegrams that are sent via KNX bus (sending data,

writing parameters, reading data, ...). Integrated buzzer, which

may be running on the device, allows the device to be easily located, even in closed ceilings.



          Datasheet V25-14E



        Technical Manual V40-13E

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