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FAN COIL CONTROLLER    230VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz


Art. Nr. 119914 631001A (middle East)

Art. Nr. 1630.02120/55100 (Europe)


Fancoil Actuator KNX KNX device for controlling heating or air conditioning in offices, hotel rooms, ... It is intended for mounting on DIN rail.

This device is used to control fans and valves

(0-10V or pulse modulated), according to the instructions from room regulators.

KNX fan-coil actuator can be set to three fan speeds while switching the appliance through 230VAC relay output (eg electric. Heating or climate).

The device has two inputs.

One is used to connect a local temperature sensor,

and the second as a digital input for connecting

window contacts. 24VAC adapter is already installed in the device.

There is also a manual override, so the device can be tested without connection to the KNX bus.

Art. Nr. 119914 631001A (middle East)                     Art. Nr. 1630.02120/55100 (Europe)


       Datasheet V26-13E                                     Datasheet V35-13E


      Technical Manual V26-13E                           Technical Manual V35-13E


   Database: 119914 631001A                                  Database: 1630.02120/55100

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