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Eurotron component has not own developing department. Despite of it we can offer our customers following services:


  • Design of the PCB for your electronic device. We can help you with necessary changes, redesign or some other corrections of PCB design too.


Eurotron component, a.s.

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  • In the field of development, we have many years of very good cooperation with the Swiss company Feron AG. In co-operation with this company we realized many demanding projects for several Swiss customers. We can arrange you services of this company and we recommend their service to you.

Industry park M1



We can produce and deliver to our customer not only electronic boards but ready - complete product too. There are companies in our Industrial park M1 that can offer you following services:


  • cable assembly  (all kind of cable Harnesses manufacturing )
  • injection molding technology
  • manufacturing of tools and metal parts
  • plastic coating technology
  • manufacturing of automation technology, machinery and equipment


In cooperation with these companies we can offer you all these services for your product. Advantages are short supply distances, quick communication and friendly business relations. This all can be advantage for your complete product.



Our goal is not only to be the classic supplier, but we want to build an intensive partnership to provide the most economical and effective solutions. The basis of our long-term success is the cooperation with the customers in terms of quality, flexibility, customer service, delivery reliability and fulfillment of special requests. This has given us a good reputation among our customers in the medical, automotive, mechanical and electrical engineering industries.

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