How you can get to us




Recomended connections



I. Alternative - via Krakow



By airplane to Krakow ( Krakow Airport J.Pavla II. - Balice)


  • this is the nearest airport to Nižná
  • Then continue by car:  123km from Krakow-Airport to Nižná  cca 1h 40min


        - after the agreement with us we can pick you up at the airport in Krakow



         Roadmap from Krakow to Nižná








II. Alternative - via Wien



By airplane to Wien:  ( Wien Airport Swechat)


  • Wien has direct airplane connection with all Europa big cities all the day long
  • Airplanes fly from Zürich to Wien cca each two hours
  • Then continue by car: 340 km from Wien-Airport to Nižná cca 3h 40min



        Roadmap from Wien-Airport to Nižná

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